Diving Into the Light: Night Swimming in Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bay, Where The Waters Glow in the Dark

Our boat comes to a full stop, drops the anchor and turns off all the lights, one by one, enveloping us in the silent darkness. My eyes take a few minutes to get used to the sudden void. We are about a mile away from the mainland, but there are no sources of light whatsoever, save for the rising moon and a few stars peeking through a haze of the evening clouds.

“We’ve got really good conditions tonight,” says our boatman, Captain Cachi of Paradise Scuba & Snorkeling. “The less light, the better. Now, let’s put your swimming gear on.” 

Still adjusting to the blackness, I fumble to put on my snorkelling mask and fins, and then feel my way to the back of the motorboat. Before I walk down the steps, I pause, suddenly feeling goosebumps all over, despite the tropical heat.  Read Full Story in Toronto Star

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