Bring home the taste of the magic: Disney’s top 10 recipes

It’s not only the rides and attractions at Disney’s theme parks and properties that keep people coming back for more.  When it comes time to sitting down to eat, the magic continues.

Buffet meals are some of the most popular dining choices among Disney’s countless restaurants and dining halls. And while it’s a small world after all, you would need a big appetite to savor all of Disney’s 6,000-item repertoire. Whether you’re planning an elegant meal, or want to grab a quick bite, the dishes are designed to please every palate.

You may be curious how your favorite foods are invented. It all starts with a dream, says Lenny De George, Walt Disney World Executive Chef, who’s been cooking up the magic for 20 years.

“We have this department called Imagineering, so the imagineers would dream up what a new restaurant would be,” De George reveals. “The storyline is very important, it would tell us when and where the restaurant is set.”

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