The Vertical Farm That Lifted a Family

On an early spring day in New Buffalo, Michigan, a layer of clouds hangs over the close-cropped buildings like a duvet. The gray ground has only partially recovered from winter. It’s the time of earth-churning and seed-planting. Of little furrows in long straight lines. And yet, on the farm that belongs to Milan and Daniel Kluko, it’s already harvest day.

Green Spirit Farms is an unusual place—a farm crossed with a Virgin Airlines flight as imagined by Tim Burton. On the growth floor, as the Klukos call it, patches of green sprout through Styrofoam sheets on floor-to-ceiling racks, floating in water that slowly circulates through the rigging. In the brighter areas, Tesla lights creep over lettuce bunches like upside-down cable cars. LEDs make the room glow pink and purple: It is always sunset in the arugula patches.   Read Full Story in Popular Mechanics.

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