Farms Take Root Among NYC’s Skyscrapers

When the Earth’s population reaches 9 billion in 2050, with 70 percent of people living in cities, arable land will be scarce or too far away. Produce will have to be grown in the very buildings people live in. New York City is already leading this trend.

Located in a basement of a Worth Street building (a prime Tribeca location), Robert Liang’s 1,200-square-foot FarmOne produces over 170 types of rare herbs, leafy greens and edible flowers, some of which don’t naturally grow in New York’s climate, and certainly not in winter. Basil and other greens are sold by weight, while flowers and rare herbs go by count. With their tastes varying from spicy to delicate and from sour to sweet, Liang’s hand-picked gem marigolds and microarugula go to Michelin-starred and other high-end restaurants. Read Full Story in OZY

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