When the Earth’s population reaches 9 billion with 70 percent of people living in cities, produce will have to be grown in the very buildings people live in. That’s why New Yorkers are already growing food in their basements. (Photo by Lina Zeldovich)

Thanks to an unconventional farmer in the Geneva region, North American buffalos have migrated to the Alps and became iconic Swiss animals. (Photo courtesy Juraparc)

Belgium is where beer flows, chocolates beckon and fashion stores tempt irresistibly.

With its 250 wineries and vineyards that brew and distill a gamut of tempting libations, from reds and whites to ports and sparkling wines, and even flavored vodkas and gins, Paso has become California’s fastest growing wine destination, rivaling Napa Valley.

Savvy brewers aim for a plastic-free future for six-packs. If their concoction works, we all will just have to drink more beer!

In the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton used to hide here from the unrelenting paparazzi.