The best way to see the canyons of Utah and Colorado is skip the driving and take the train.

The American West is legendary for its untamed rugged beauty, with the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies rivaling the red pinnacles of the Arches National Park. But driving through the breathtaking gorges is not for the faint of heart. With many narrow roads snaking along the precipitous edges of steep cliffs, the scenic rides often turn into tense, white-knuckle drives where the anxious motorists can’t take their eyes off the unpredictable path that lies ahead, let alone enjoy the views. If only someone else would do the driving.

Now, someone else is offering to do it. Rocky Mountaineer, a Canadian luxury train company known for its domestic scenic journeys, has just launched its inaugural route in the USA, bringing the Rocky Mountaineer to Colorado and Utah. Chugging along between Moab, the gateway town to the several iconic national parks, and Denver, the breathy capital of Colorado, the train offers a relaxing journey through some of the most beautiful mountainous canyons, while serving gourmet food and wines.  Read Full Story in Matador Network

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