Growing up alongside moose, bear and the more than 4,000 lakes dotting Canada’s Parc de la Vérendrye wildlife reserve in Quebec, Marie-Cecile Nottaway knew that, like other members of the Algonquin First Nation, she had to catch her food before she could cook it. Now, she is reclaiming her families’ generations-old recipes to feed new audiences.

One day, while romping around the ancient city of Ephesus I stumbled upon a long white marble bench with a row of holes shaped just like modern toilet seats: a Roman bathroom. 

Tarpon can weigh 250 pounds and leap 10 feet in the air while trying to throw off the hook. Photo COURTESY CINDY BROWN.

The bioluminescent phenomenon occurs in only a handful of places in the world. Three of these unique bays are in Puerto Rico, where a specific type of light-emitting algae thrive.

After they prep bite sites to lap the blood out of live cows, females invite their roostmates to join them. Photo by Simon Ripperger

When a team of divers and archaeologists discovered the 19th-century fragrance in a shipwreck off the coast of Bermuda, a team of passionate perfumers set off to recreate the fragrance.

Driving through the beautiful but rugged canyons of the American West may not be for the faint of heart. Now someone else is offering to do the driving.

When microbiologist Thomas Brock first stumbled upon a hardy, heat-resistant bacteria in the Lower Geyser Basin area in Yellowstone National Park in 1966, he made the groundbreaking discovery that life could exist at much higher temperatures than previously thought. Now the heat-resistant enzyme from Thermus aquaticus is used in PCR testing to detect pathogens.

As I sink beneath the ocean surface, leaving the air world behind and entering the underwater one, I instinctively hold my breath. When I look up, I see the ocean surface of La Parguera Bay quivering above me—a mind-boggling sight I’ve never experienced before.

Here are a few useful gift ideas for digital nomads, frequent flyers and incurable jetsetters in your life.

Osthoff Resort on Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin. Photo by Lina Zeldovich

DUBBED THE DINER Capital of the World, New Jersey has more diners than any other state. And there’s a reason for that.

Luxury properties are uniquely able to implement coronavirus safety measures. It is in part because high-end travel has always included an element of distancing, says Melanie Brandman, founder and CEO of the Brandman Agency, a public relations firm that represents many upscale clients. High-end travel experiences often promise privacy, no crowds or long lines and being one-on-one with nature

This pandemic will change the culture of how people are travelling

Birds, bats, rabbits, mice and other creatures are growing bigger body parts to cool themselves off. Photo by Alexandra McQueen.

A new study of fish remains deepens scholars’ understanding of how the dietary laws came to be. (Image Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0)

The shell was played for the first time in millennia after being rediscovered in the collections of a French museum. (Artist’s rendering. G. Tosello)